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Exam Takaful

Salam kepada semua,untuk pengatahuan exam takaful telah diperbaharui daripada manual kepada online...Untuk calon- calon yang ingin menjawab exam takaful,mereka perlulah melalui IBFIM untuk pengurusan pendaftaran dan tempat peperiksaan..Yuran pendaftaran RM 80.00 untuk Part A dan C..

Ini info terkini daripada website IBFIM : 

The Family Takaful Agents
Are governed by the code of ethics for takaful Intermediaries drawn up by Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA)

Are required to pass the TBE and complete a minimum of 30 hours training per year for Continuous Professional Development (CPD); and

Agents are required to adhere to the minimum standards for proper advice issued by Bank Negara Malaysia which requires agents to obtain adequate information about potential customers. This will enable an agent to analyse a potential customer’s personal and financial circumstances and identify his financial needs and priorities so that a suitable and affordable takaful product can be recommended.

Learning Objectives

  • To introduce the nature of takaful and its differences with conventional insurance.

  • To acquire the knowledge of the Shariah principles, concepts and underlying contracts applied in takaful business.

  • To be conversant with family and general takaful operations, products and services
  • To provide a comprehensive introductory knowledge of the technical and other aspects of takaful including the appropriate skills of marketing takaful.

  • To instill the sense of social and professional responsibility among takaful agents

  • To create an awareness of the importance of takaful in the development of Malaysia as an International Islamic Financial Centre (MIFC) and the significance of the social functions of takaful and the role of the takaful agents in bringing about these objectives.

Upon completion of the TBE, candidates are expected to be conversant with the takaful concepts, operations of family (life) takaful and general takaful (non-life), shariah issues on takaful, takaful products and ethical practices in takaful business.

Entry Requirements 
  • Malaysian Citizen
  • Aged 18 and above
  • Minimum SPM/MCE qualification/certificate or equivalent (recognized by MTA)
Note : IBFIM reserves the right to make changes to the entry requirement as and when necessary


Exemption will be granted to candidates who have obtained the following qualifications:
i)   Islamic Financial Planner (IFP
ii)  Shariah Registered Financial Planner (Shariah RFP)

  • Kindly submit your application for exemption to MTA.
  • Applications for exemption can be made by filling up the Application Form provided by MTA and sent to MTA
  • For any other equivalent and recognized qualification, you are advised to apply to MTA.
About TBE

TBE is strictly an online examination.

The examination is conducted online at authorized Examination Centers and it consists of three (3) parts:
Part A : Basic Takaful, Medical and Health Takaful
Part B: General Takaful
Part C: Family Takaful, Investment Linked Takaful

The examination is offered in the following structure:

Part A and B (2 hours); or
Part A and C (2 hours); or
Part B only (1½  hours); or
Part C only (1½ hours).

A candidate who wishes to sit for Part B or Part C only is required to bring along a copy of the TBE examination certificate, which must be certified as a true copy by the designated authorized person as agreed by IBFIM and MTA.

Mode of Payment
All payments must be made either through direct debit (FPX) or credit card, through the online payment gateway in the system. Candidates are advised to register for an internet banking access with their respective banks in order to perform this payment. Personal cheques and cash payments will NOT be accepted.

Any payment through Money Order, Postal Order or Banker's Cheque into the prescribed account can be made in the name of 'IBFIM'.

Mode of Study

Candidates prepare for the examination through self-study, using the e-book as a reference.

Candidates have the option to purchase a hardcopy of the book sold at MTA or IBFIM

Upon request and subject to quorum, an examination preparatory class can be arranged with certain amount of charges.


A candidate must satisfactorily complete :
  • Part A and B ( General Takaful route), or
  • Part A and C ( Family Takaful route); 
before the candidate can be awarded with the TBE for Takaful Agents' certificate in either General Takaful route or Family Takaful route respectively.

For inquiries, please contact TBE helpdesk at 603 – 20311010 ext 548 / 553 / 555 or e-mail to

Saya yang memegang amanah : 

017 6652432
Perunding dan Pengurus kewangan Takaful

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